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We are purpose driven coaches who want to make a difference, living a life of service to others. Please take a minute to read our Mission and Vision Statements and to see if they connect with you. Then, read our Core Values to see if they align and resonate with yours.


In order to build stronger organizations and communities alike, our mission is provide expert coaching and education to help people grow as leaders and optimize their personal and professional performance. We believe that today’s leader has both the opportunity and duty to influence and empower future leaders in a positive manner to better serve themselves, their families and their community.


Our Vision for The Jacobson Leadership Academy is to be a global leader in the field of professional development, helping leaders optimize their impact on people and organizations.



We believe that learning is an ongoing, continual process that spurs innovation.

Personal and Professional Excellence

We believe in always striving to be your best self.


We believe in caring for and serving others.


We believe that a balanced life with family, play, community and work are essential for happiness.


We believe in always showing up authentically and living with integrity.


We believe that we can have a positive impact on our planet.


We believe in personal responsibility and that, “The first person you lead, is you.”

Coach Troy Jacobson

Head Coach

A former professional IRONMAN Triathlete, Troy has enjoyed a career spanning over 30 years as an entrepreneur, small business owner, coach, and corporate team leader.

Starting his career out of college working for his father’s Management Consulting business, he quickly went on to discover his passion for business and helping others succeed, founding Lifesports Inc., which was to become a leader in the endurance sports and fitness space. in addition to managing a coaching company, opening retail stores, and a fitness center, he created the industry-leading Spinervals Cycling Workout Series with over 80 workouts in the video library and worldwide distribution.

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His accomplishments didn’t go unnoticed as he was recruited by publicly-traded fitness industry leader, Life Time Fitness, to oversee the national endurances sports training and coaching programs. His company was acquired by Life Time and Troy went on to work for 10 years as a senior national leader where he led a team at over 140 locations nationwide.

Now as a Business and Executive Leadership Coach and CEO of the Jacobson Leadership Academy, Troy works with small to mid-sized business owners, CEO’s and other executives in helping them optimize their business and professional performance.

Personally, Troy loves spending time with his family and enjoys the great outdoors where you can find him camping, trail running, and mountain biking most weekends (including an annual foray into 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race Competition as a Single speed / Solo Rider).

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Lacey John, OLY


After competing at an elite level as a NCAA champion swimmer and an Olympic silver medalist, Lacey (Nymeyer) John has spent the past ten years dedicated to helping people win in all areas of their careers. As a coach in the Jacobson Leadership Academy, Lacey’s experiences working with some of the greatest coaches and athletes in the world give her a unique perspective on what it takes to level up and become the person who can achieve incredible goals.

Lacey discovered a passion for leadership and building strong teams during her time with the University of Arizona Athletics and the C.A.T.S. Student-Athlete Development programs.

Lacey created experiential learning opportunities to help students learn and apply leadership principles, improve team culture, and explore transferable skills for success beyond sports. Currently, she is the director of Alumni Career and Professional Development for the University of Arizona, and she oversees career and mentoring programs to help professionals navigate and manage their careers post-graduation. Lacey excels in applying strategies used for elite athletes to driven professionals looking to make a difference in their roles and in their companies.

Lacey has undergraduate and graduates degrees in education from the University of Arizona, and she is still highly engaged across the University and in the Tucson community. She teaches undergraduate courses and serves in leadership roles in the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce, Emerging Leaders Council, and leads the Tucson Young Professionals’ Professional Development Team.

Brian Weaver

High Performance Sales & Executive Leadership Coach

Brian played Division 1 Men’s Soccer at San Jose State University and was privileged to serve as Team Captain his junior and senior year.

After college, his 25+ year professional career has included roles such as personal trainer, supervisor, manager, general manager, small business owner, sales manager, national sales manager and director of sales.

He has a proven track record in coaching sales teams and individuals to exceeding revenue targets as well as working with executive leadership team members on company strategy, leadership and professional development.

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Robin Lukason

Executive Coaching Professional

Robin is a 25 year veteran in the mortgage-banking business. Her focus has been on running operations and pursuing strategic initiatives as an organizational leader and team manager. She helps clients build and develop their teams, work with their boards, and partner with the other executives in their firms.
Robin’s degree in Organizational Studies from The University of Michigan provided the early lessons on how to be an effective manager and leader. In her first management role, Robin learned how important it was to invest in the development of her staff, her teams, and her leaders, as this ultimately led to the success of the entire team.

Working in large and small firms as a senior leader, Robin has also gained extensive experience in understanding the key building blocks of profitable and successful firms: FP&A, Capacity Planning, Performance Metrics and Reporting, and Employee Engagement.

As a coach, Robin is interested in the whole person, and how both the professional and the personal translate to success and growth. A solid foundation of engagement is what drives employee retention, employee satisfaction, increased sales/production, and profitability, but learning how to connect and build meaningful relationships can be equally important. With this in mind, Robin also brings expertise in self-awareness and empathy, and offers concrete strategies for clients who want to learn more about how these core interpersonal skills can translate to success both in and beyond the office space.

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