Leadership makes the difference in how teams come together to achieve their goals, and how organizations deliver results.

Sports teams, when led by strong leaders, excel and win championships year after year. Businesses too, when led by strong leaders, grow in profitability and better serve both their customers and their employees.

Leadership is a skill that can be taught. And while some people have natural leadership abilities, many do not, yet find themselves in leadership roles. This is very common in small businesses, where strong individual contributors are promoted into a leadership role. Suddenly, they are tasked with leadership and team building responsibilities they may or may not be prepared to undertake, and when they aren’t prepared, the challenge can be daunting. They often times struggle, which leads to frustration, discontent, and dysfunction not only on their part but also on their team. And a dysfunctional team delivers sub-par results for the organization.

Even seasoned Executives, with years of experience, can find themselves bogged down in the ‘old ways’ of leadership, no longer having the impact they once had. Having a growth mindset and the willingness to continually reassess themselves and evolve into better leaders is a key attribute of strong leaders.

Our focus at The Jacobson Coaching Group is to develop stronger, more prepared and self-aware leaders. And we do this through The Jacobson Leadership Academy Programs, partnering with Vistage Worldwide, the Gold Standard in leadership development for CEO’s, Key Executives and Emerging Leaders.

Our wide variety of leadership training programs include both Tucson based peer advisory groups, and leadership training and team building programs “inside” for small to mid-sized companies.


Develop a culture of continuous improvement within your organization and cultivate better alignment and communication with your teams by engaging in our Leadership Training and Team Building programs.

Customized to suit your needs, we deliver a training program that will change the way your leaders, from manager level up to the Executive Team, looks at leadership and how they work with their teams and direct reports, and in their team as an individual contributor. Our Team Building method breaks down silos, enhances communication as well as transparency and builds the trust necessary to deliver the best results possible. And our leadership training teaches your leaders greater self-awareness, and how to lead according to the vision and core values of the organization.

The outcome of the program is having Better Leaders, Stronger Teams and drastically improved business results! Learn more by scheduling a free consultation with Troy Jacobson, , or email

VISTAGE CEO and KEY EXECUTIVE Peer Advisory Groups in Tucson

Leverage the power of the peer group, and work with others to develop your leadership skills and accelerate your business growth. Surround yourself with other high impact individuals who also want grow and move to the next level, and gain the collective knowledge and experience transfer that happens in the group setting.

Becoming a Vistage Member is the best vehicle to ‘up level’ your game, and to reaching your desired business and professional development outcomes. Learn more about the program and about qualifying for membership by scheduling a meeting with Troy Jacobson, Vistage CEO Chair, Schedule 30min or email

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