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We at the Troy Jacobson Leadership Academy, believe in the power of momentum. Courageous leaders initiate momentous change when they are willing to put in the work to find better solutions for their teams. This is NOT a one-time event or highly motivational speaker that people will likely forget the next month. It involves listening, planning, inspiring, and persisting for the long haul.

Our programs are designed to fit the needs of growing businesses, large or small, and provide lasting change by providing group workshops and individual coaching as a package of services.

Team workshops deliver important topics and engage a small group of team members in targeted discussions to help get everyone on the same page. Then, we focus on implementing long-term change by providing 1:1 coaching with key stakeholders in the organization. This individual coaching supports leaders as they apply the topics and overcome setbacks.

The combination of group workshops and 1:1 coaching is proven to be more effective because it helps create and also maintain momentum!

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