Level UP your Leadership Team

By providing them with the foundational leadership skills necessary to deliver better results. Designed to facilitate learning for leaders at all levels, our proven effective workshops are informative, thought-provoking and engaging. Customized for your organizational needs and delivered by one of our professional leadership coaches, choose from our extensive library of topics or select a series of workshops to maximize impact.

High Impact Leadership Training Workshops

  • Leadership 101: The Fundamentals of Leadership

    Here we go over self-leadership, the 7 key skills and 7 key styles. It’ll give people an idea as to where they can grow in their leadership abilities.

  • Optimize Teams! What’s your role and How to be a Great Team Player

    We talk about the 5 Dysfunctions and the Ideal Team Player. This will give everyone insights into what makes a team average or great.

  • How do you Show Up? Building your Executive Presence

    This workshop dives in the elements of EP, including Gravitas, appearance and communication. It helps develop awareness of how people ‘show up’ both internally and to customers / vendors.

  • Performance Management: Building a Coaching Culture

    Facilitate an effective culture by learning the fundamentals of coaching others to perform better and optimize their contribution.

  • EQ over IQ: Why Emotional Intelligence Matters for Leadership

    Here we cover the elements of EQ and work on ways in which to improve to be more effective as leaders.

  • Optimizing Efficiencies: Productivity and Time Management for Leaders

    Looking at how to optimize productivity through better time management techniques.

Workshops can be delivered as singular sessions, or as a series (package), along with the possibility of executive coaching.

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